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Historic Whiskey Row off the square in downtown Prescott, Arizona
The city is named after William H. Prescott (shown in the photo), a popular writer during the civil war.

Hotel St. Michaels on Whiskey Row is located in the heart of downtown Prescott.
A Prescott, Arizona house is decorated for the fourth of july
Trail riding through Prescott's beautiful Watson Lake Park is a popular year round activity.

The Sharlot Hall museum in Prescott, Arizona is a wonderful place to learn about central Arizona's regional heritage.
A painted timeline in front of the courthouse in downtown Prescott describes the towns colorful history.
Children sing Christmas carols on the steps of the historic courthouse in Prescott, Arizona; also known as Arizona's Christmas city.

The Prescott rodeo has been running since 1888.  It makes for an excellent summertime activity.
With dozens of exceptional courses and mild climate, Prescott is the ideal spot for an avid golfer.
A couple look out over scenic Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona.

With diverse geography, mild climate, and rich history, Prescott has been a favorite of Arizonians for a century. Once the territorial capital, it now appeals to those seeking a quieter pace than found in big metro areas, as well as real estate investors wanting a part of its vibrant growth.

And not just Arizonians love Prescott. It's been twice named as one of The Best Places by Money Magazine. Its popularity shows in the growth of Prescott real estate and land. A top emerging metro area, Prescott has a population of just over 42,000, while the tri-city area (Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Chino Valley) now boasts a population of over 83,000.

Prescott's growth has brought many new and welcome choices to all its residents. From shopping at a new regional mall, to new theaters, restaurants, and coffee shops, there's plenty to do into today's Prescott.

Fortunately, Prescott has managed this growth and maintained its unique charm and character.

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