Pricing and Seller Financing

Granite Mountain Prescott, AZ LV Ranch Estates is Arizona's best land value: Prescott location,
unheard of rural development standards, and remarkably low prices.

Our Ranch Estates are priced from $154,000 to $279,000. We offer three year, interest only seller financing at 6.75% with 20% down. The financing can be partially or completely repaid at any time without penalty. Just a few years ago these top quality parcels sold for between $600,000 and $800,000 apiece. Today we offer the same high development standards, same unmatched location, and same views for a fraction of what they used to bring.

We believe Arizona rural land prices have hit bottom and are starting to rebound in response to increasing demand from savvy buyers. Take advantage of this market and acquire your own ranch for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than what other sophisticated buyers paid just a few years ago.

If you're seriously interested contact the developer directly at Or call him toll free at (877) 540-8085.