Prescott Real Estate

Prescott Real Estate

With the real estate market across the country in somewhat of a slow down, a little town in Arizona is looking to change the course of things. The Prescott real estate market is thriving due to a local working ranch's decision to allow development of 120 parcels of land into beautiful and serene 36-50 acre homesteads. Las Vegas Ranch Estates is meeting the needs of those individuals who crave wide open vistas, gorgeous backdrops of mountains or forests, and open air spaces with nature's miracles noticeable at every glance. Prescott real estate has never been more beautiful or financially reasonable.

Las Vegas Ranch Estates has parcels of prime Prescott real estate, between 36 and 50 acres each, available for development. The size of each parcel guarantees you the ability to live on your own ranch like the outdoorsman of yesteryear. Maybe you envision your entire family settling down on 50 acres of some of the most pristine Prescott real estate available. Maybe you have plans to raise horses. Either way, Las Vegas Ranch Estates offers you the opportunity to live the way you've always wanted.

You'll also be glad to know that all development must meet the high standards set by Las Vegas Ranch Estates. All electric service is installed underground, so there won't be any service poles restricting your magnificent views. All phone and high-speed internet services are wireless and reliable. You'll be ensured that your slice of Prescott real estate will be surrounded solely by nature's majesty now, and always.

A working ranch since the 1890's, Las Vegas Ranch's decision to allow development on 4700 acres of their land is both a unique and advantageous opportunity for those that yearn for the ranch lifestyle. The majority of Prescott real estate currently available can't meet the same values and standards set by Las Vegas Ranch Estates. Simply put, the most pristine and majestic Prescott real estate can only be found at Las Vegas Ranch Estates.

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