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LV Ranch Offers the Most Naturally Immaculate Real Estate in Prescott, AZ

Prime Real Estate Prescott, AZ
LV Ranch Estates offers the best real estate in Prescott, AZ, displaying a wide-range of terrain, views, and pure countryside comfort. We have focused on preserving the natural beauty of Northern Arizona in each and every parcel, making these estates perfect for retirement or a pleasant place to escape from city life. Our lots feature some of the most fertile meadows and trees in the Prescott, AZ area. If you are looking for a unique piece of land that offers variety and an unrivaled natural appeal, LV Ranch Estates has it all.

Each Parcel Has a Unique Allure
Each and every parcel at LV Ranch Estates has a distinct appeal, offering extravagant 360-degree views of the surrounding areas, providing each parcel with its own unique feel. Mt Humphrey, Granite Mountain, and the Sullivan Buttes are all visible from the estates, offering beautiful, mystifying scenery that can't be found anywhere else in Arizona. It's hard to compare any real estate in Prescott, AZ to the array of land options available at LV Ranch Estates.

Invest In the Natural Beauty of AZ
We have a variety of lots that offer a wide range of views. Parcel 45 and 46 overlook Hitt Wash and provide dramatic views of San Francisco Peaks, Sullivan Butts, and the national forest to the west. At Almost 42 acres, Parcel 40 is the highest point in phase 2 with striking valley and mountain views. Venture through the grassy meadows of Parcel 63 and enjoy breathtaking views of Williamson Valley, Granite Mountain, Simmons Peak, and the San Francisco Peaks. All of the parcels at LV Ranch Estates offer an array of exquisite views that you won't find anywhere else in the country.