Prescott AZ Ranch Property

Prescott, Arizona Ranch Property

Do you dream of living the good life, on a sprawling ranch set in a natural valley, where everywhere you look is a brilliant scene of nature's splendor? If so, then your dream may be fulfilled with some recently available Prescott Arizona ranch property. Las Vegas Ranch Estates, a working ranch since the 1890's, is allowing development of 120 parcels of ranch land. Each parcel of this beautifully scenic land is between 36 and 50 acres. In Prescott Arizona, ranch property has never been more idyllic or financially affordable. Whether you're looking to retire in style or make a transition to a better way of life, this naturally beautiful land will take you back to a time when life wasn't as hectic.

Nature is an amazing, living and breathing wonder. With scintillating sunsets, endless vistas, and lush pine forests, your Prescott, Arizona ranch property will leave you breathless every time you step outside your door. Never extremely hot nor cold, the Las Vegas Ranch Estates make for a perfect living situation. Experiencing a full four seasons, from warm summer days to chilly winter nights, this Prescott, Arizona ranch property is the epitome of comfort. It is due to the fact that it's nicely nestled in the Williamson Valley, at a prime elevation level between 4,800' and 5,300'.

Not all Prescott Arizona ranch property is equal. The parcels available at Las Vegas Ranch Estates are truly second to none. Located only 25 miles from the town of Prescott, Las Vegas Ranch Estates offers all the benefits of clean country living, with all the necessary amenities of the modern age. Head into town to take in a movie or dine at a fine restaurant, maybe do some shopping, and then marvel at the grand visage as you drive back to your very own piece of Prescott, Arizona ranch property. The beauty of it all will amaze you. You'll have to pinch yourself. This is where you actually live. This is your land. Your dreams have come true at Prescott Arizona ranch property.

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