Prescott Arizona Horse Property
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LV Ranch Estates Offers Large Parcels, Ideal for Prescott, Arizona Horse Property

Preserve the Natural Beauty of Arizona
LV Ranch Estates has made a conscious effort to preserve some of the most gorgeous terrain in Prescott, Arizona so you can enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Whether you are hoping to build a dream home, ranch, or farm on Prescott, AZ horse property, or simply want to preserve the natural wildlife, it can all be done with a parcel of land from LV Ranch Estates.

Larger Parcels Prove to Be Sensible Investments
LV Ranch Estates offers larger parcels of land than other Arizona estates, ranging from 36 to 51 acres. Larger parcels of land add great value to your investment, allowing you to do a variety of things with a single parcel. Build your home while preserving a section of wildlife with your estate. These larger parcels at LV Ranch Estates are also less expensive per acre than smaller parcels. Your Prescott, Arizona horse property is an investment that generations of your family will enjoy.

Enjoy the Wide Variety of Terrain at LV Ranch Estates
We have over 120 parcels of land available, ranging from tree-covered terrain to grassy meadows, so you can easily find something that suits your every desire. Build on your Prescott, Arizona horse property or simply own the land for its innate splendor that you can't find anywhere else in the state. LV Ranch Estates has everything from grassy plains to rugged ridges. These large parcels of land are a great investment for anyone that loves natural beauty, mild weather conditions, and land that can be used to fulfill every dream. We know you will be impressed with our wide selection of Prescott, Arizona horse property!