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LV Ranch Ranks at the Top of Northern Arizona Real Estate

The Most Valuable Northern Arizona Real Estate Property
Noted as one of the top ten places to live in the U.S. by Money Magazine; Prescott, AZ has earned its reputation for beauty, comfort, and hometown qualities. Prescott's mild climate, low crime rate, attractive environment, and affordable housing attract new residents every year, gradually increasing the area's value and desirability. Now leading the way in Northern Arizona real estate, land in Prescott is proving to be a worthwhile investment. LV Ranch Estates offers a variety of beautiful terrain, incomparable to other popular northern Arizona cities like Flagstaff, Payson, and Pinetop.

Flawless Conditions and Four Mild Seasons
Prescott's ability to maintain favorable conditions year-round contributes to the area's allure. No other Northern Arizona real estate has such abundant groundwater available. An LV Ranch Estates well in Prescott can produce up to 70 gallons per minute! Irrigation for orchards, vineyards, and pastures is realistic and affordable because of the abundant water supply, unlike many other areas of Arizona. The climate of Prescott is very consistent and mild, but still allows the experience of all four seasons.

A Worthwhile Investment in a Disappearing Natural Resource
Northern Arizona real estate is a priceless commodity due to the area's rapid expansion. Prescott is ranked in the top ten for Emerging U.S. Metropolitan Areas, and many people are investing in the beautiful landscape at LV Ranch Estates. We offer a wider range of acreage compared to other Arizona ranches, with parcels as large as 51 acres. There's no better time to invest in one of the world's most valuable natural resources, especially in an area as beautifully authentic as Prescott, AZ.

Experience LV Ranch Estates for Yourself
LV Ranch Estates is comprised of some of the most varying terrain in Northern Arizona real estate, and we are anxious for you to see our property in person. Once you experience the panoramic views of Williamson Valley and Granite Mountain, your search for the perfect Northern Arizona real estate property will be complete. Come see the magnificence of our property before it's too late!