Northern Arizona Horse Property

Northern Arizona Horse Property

For many people, having a northern Arizona horse property where they can live and ride their horses daily has been a lifelong dream. Making this dream a reality may seem a daunting task, but with the proper preparation and planning it is easier than many would think. You need to start with the basic considerations like climate, location, and space.

Prescott, AZ horse properties have a perfect climate for year round enjoyment. With an average temperature of 69 degrees, 300 days of sunshine per year, 19 inches of yearly rainfall, and 26 inches of snow per year, you can enjoy the outdoors and horse riding year round without dealing with boggy hot summers or enduring frigid and snowy winters.

In terms of location, Prescott, AZ is a quaint western town with all of the modern amenities of a bigger city. It is located just an hour and half outside Phoenix. Prescott has a bustling cultural scene downtown with numerous art galleries, live music, and fabulous dining options. There are over 800 historic buildings on register as well as the recently renovated Elks Opera House which has recently reopened for live performances ranging from plays to operas. And of course, the infamous Whiskey Row which dates back to 1864 with stories of iconic western characters like Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp.

How much space do you need to properly maintain and stable horses at your Prescott horse properties? The recommended space per horse is 1 acre. LV Ranch Estates lots start at 36 acres giving you ample space to stable, pen, and ride your horses to your heart's content! Certain lots border the Prescott National Forest, which gives you access to endless hours of riding fresh trails through the beautiful pinyon and juniper trees.

LV Ranch estates in Prescott, AZ offers you the best options in terms of these 3 considerations for your Northern Arizona Horse Property.

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