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Land for Sale in Prescott, Arizona

If you are searching for land for sale in Prescott, Arizona, you are not the only one. In fact, the opening of the Las Vegas Ranch Estates for land development and real estate investment is part of what makes the Prescott area one of the most talked about regions in the entire country. Nestled among the mountains of the Prescott National Forest, this charming southwest town entertains a population of only 38,000. Prescott, AZ celebrates the joys of small town living with wonderful community events, such as art and craft fairs, main street parades and more. At one time Arizona's territorial capital, many people consider Prescott a Southwestern community that still retains the charming qualities of the Old West, making this land for sale in Prescott, Arizona a "portfolio must have".

The Las Vegas Ranch Estates offer what so many of today's homeowners need now. This land for sale in Prescott, Arizona provides a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of a crowded city for the open air of AZ high country.

Only a 25-mile drive from Prescott, the Las Vegas Ranch Estates offer an ideal balance of city and community. With wireless Internet and phone lines, homeowners at the Estates enjoy all the modern privileges available without the hassles of big city living. The Las Vegas Ranch Estate developers took great care in preserving the nature beauty of the land. Within the same day of driving on our quality, well built roads you may witness roaming antelope and deer, or an abundance of varied bird species flying above. Surrounded by Prescott National Forest state land, and working cattle ranches, this land for sale in Prescott, Arizona will bring great satisfaction for generations to come. Discover for yourself the peace and relaxation that exists at the Las Vegas Ranch Estates; the perfect land for sale in Prescott, Arizona.

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