Horse Owners

With hundreds of acres of grassy meadows, a private national forest access point, and abundant water, LV Ranch Estates is the perfect place to build the horse compound of your dreams. Our CCR contains few reasonable rules about maintaining livestock on the property:

  • No more than 2 horses per one acre of pasture may be kept on a parcel
  • Horses may be kept, bred, and raised thereon the property as domestic pets and not for commercial purposes
  • Structures for the housing or confinement of permitted animals within view of a neighboring property must be
         approved by the design committee
  • No permitted animal can make an unreasonable amount of noise or otherwise become a nuisance

    These rules have been thoughtfully designed to give the parcel owner freedom to utilize the property as they see fit while still mainting the natural integrity, privacy, and aesthetics of the community.

    National Forest Access

    LV Ranch Estates private national forest access point and horse staging area is located on the map below.

    National Forest Access Point / Horse staging and trail access - LV Ranch Estates Prescott, AZ

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