Building Guide


Electric. The electric lines are underground keeping the horizon free of unsightly power poles. Electricity is provided by APS, Arizona's largest electric supplier.

Telephone and Internet. Underground fiber optic cables have been installed throughout LV Ranch Estates which provide high quality, high speed, and reliable access to digital telephone and internet services.

Water. We mean it when we say this Williamson Valley real estate near Prescott, AZ is blessed with abundant groundwater. We've drilled a new domestic well on every ranch estate. Well yields average about 37 gallons per minute, many, many more times what a family might conceivably use. Available ground water can comfortably support irrigated pastures, vineyards, orchards, even a swimming pond.

Design Guidlines

The LV Ranch Estates design guidelines have been composed to give the parcel owner freedom and flexibility when designing and building their ranch estate. A wide variety of building designs and materials are expected. There are a few specific standards:

  • Minimum size (2,200 s.f.)
  • Height restrictions (only 1/3 of main residence may be 2-story)
  • All buildings must be site built (no mobiles)

    The Design Guidelines, in simplest terms, ask each ranch estate owner to apply to their development plan the same standards we followed when planning and developing this Prescott, Arizona real estate community:

  • Work with the existing terrain and vegetation to minimize cutting, filling, and tree clearing
  • Pay close attention to drainage issues
  • Use enduring materials appropriate for climate
  • Maintain the unspoiled dark sky environment
  • Have the plan and design compliment rather than compete with the landscape of these expansive northern Arizona      ranches.

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