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Prescott, Arizona Real Estate

You may already be familiar with Prescott, Arizona real estate, which is not surprising. Combining a relaxed atmosphere that echoes the charm of small towns across Middle America and the awe-inspiring beauty of the Southwest makes property in Prescott highly regarded land among real estate investors and those searching for a new place to call home in Arizona. Not far from Prescott is one of the nation's best-kept secrets – until now. The owners of the Las Vegas Ranch Estates have decided to sell allotments of their family-owned land, and everyone wants to call this beautiful area home. If you are questioning where to live, the ideal climate and scenic views surrounding Prescott and the Las Vegas Ranch Estates are your answer.

With the Prescott National Forest surrounding the town, Prescott is one of nature's outlets for peace and relaxation. The wilderness preserve includes the largest pine forest in America and a wealth of outdoor possibilities such as hiking, biking and camping. At an altitude nearly one mile above sea level, the weather in this mountainous Southwestern town rarely reaches anything other than perfect. Four seasons of mild temperatures and humidity make Prescott, Arizona real estate some of the best land in the country.

Fortunately, the opportunity to own your own piece of heaven in Arizona exists. Just 25 miles from the quaint town, the Las Vegas Ranch Estates invite those in search of Southwestern serenity to find a home. Electric lines are wired underground to maintain the precious views of the mountains from these estates that lie next to one of the oldest cattle ranches in Arizona. Offering allotments of land in varied amounts over 36 acres, the Las Vegas Ranch Estates give you the chance to find a place to live in the heated Prescott, Arizona real estate market. Bring your cattle. Bring your kids. Bring your open mind and open heart for the open land.

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