1031 Exchange Arizona

1031 Exchange Arizona

With the real estate industry today many people feel they cannot go wrong with investing in property. When making such an investment, make sure that the land you are purchasing will reward you in return. 1031 Exchange Arizona, offered by Las Vegas Ranch Estates, enables owners to sell and buy like property in a simple and convenient manner.

Las Vegas Ranch Estates consists of 120 parcels derived from one existing 1890s ranch. There are only 80 parcels left, ranging from 36 to 50 acres. These ranch parcels are designed to preserve the natural land surrounding your property. The abundant groundwater close to the surface keeps the grass verdant green year round. All electricity is underground to maintain the ranch's naturally beautiful appearance. Buyers have wide choices of terrain, tree coverage, and views. Do you wish to have bottomland to sloping grassland or chaparral to well-defined ridges? Do you desire views of the San Francisco Peaks, Granite Mountains, the Sullivan Buttes, or the Prescott National Forest? All properties have access to or adjoin the National Prescott Forest, where you can hike, mountain bike, horseback ride, or backpack on the hundreds of miles of trails. Not only can you benefit from the 1031 Exchange Arizona, but you get these wonderful assets as well.

Las Vegas Ranch Estates is only twenty-five miles from Prescott, Arizona, home of the oldest continually running rodeo in the world. Prescott is a small Western city which offers a colorful cultural scene. You can dine at one of the dozen restaurants, shop, or visit the art galleries. At Christmas time you can take part in the festivities of Arizona's Christmas city. In addition, Phoenix and Sedona are only about two hours away, where further entertainment can be sought. So many rewards await you, in addition to saving with the 1031 Exchange Arizona.

Purchase land in a rural yet residential area for your family or solely for investment purposes. Either way, Las Vegas Ranch Estates has parcels available for you and will help to secure your investment with the 1031 Exchange Arizona.

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